It’s been a while hasn’t it?

How have you been?

I’ve been good. Busy too. Sorry I haven’t posted anything here for quite a while. My day-job moved in a direction that doesn’t provide for much downtime in front of a computer like it used to. So I haven’t had the time to do much video or photo editing. But I’m going to work on changing that this spring and summer (not the job part, my jobs good, but the part where I strive to produce some more content for this blog).

I have another trip on the GAP coming up that spring and a new bike to tackle that adventure. So my brain is in bike/camping mode for the next several months leading up to the trip. I also completed the entire Laurel Highland Trail in a thru-hike with my siblings. Look for trip reports from those adventures as well as gear reviews and more videos.

Till then, ta-ta for now.

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Chicken & Rice -A Backpacking Meal

Time to try out a new backpacking recipe! This weeks meal is: Chicken & Rice!

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Bacon Spuds -A Backpacking Recipe

Time to try out a new backpacking recipe! This weeks meal is: BACON SPUDS!

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Backpack Food

After a few months of silence, I’m back and will soon release a new video. Over the next several weeks I will be posting videos where I try out new backpacking recipes.

I am trying out these recipes because I want something other than freeze dried boil in bag meals. I want to try them out before I venture off into the woods. I decided to film those trials. Already (as you will see in the videos) I realized I need a bigger pot and a more fuel efficient stove if I want to cook this way.

So tune in starting Monday for the first video, Bacon Spuds!

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Be sure to check out my new YouTube Channel. Exciting stuff to come!


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Since I started this site, I haven’t actually done a hike. I did one bike tour (that I still have to finish editing the photos for and do a writeup on) but haven’t done any real hiking. Read more »

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Ten Years Ago I Went On My First Bike Adventure

Hokey Smokes, has it really been ten years?!

Wow, it has. Read more »

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What Do I Take On A Bike Adventure?

            I have been making long distance trail tracks on my bicycle for nine years with this next ride occurring almost ten years after my very first ride. I have learned what to take and what not to take for these journeys. Lets start with what to take, shall we?

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Three Wheel Journey

When doing a little video research on the B.O.B Yak trailer, I came across some videos from a bike trecker who circled around the US by bike. From Harpers Ferry to McDonald PA he rode the C&O and GAP. I thought it would be fun to share with you his videos from that trip. There’s about twenty of them that cover”my” trails.

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Packing and a test ride

As my GAP ride quickly approaches (yay) it was time to pack the bike and do a fully loaded test ride. Read more »

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Are you going?

It’s time to let me know. In order to secure lodging and campsites for the 2013 GAP ride I will need to know who will be joining me before March 11th. Read more »

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Just when I thought this would be a detour free trip, BAM a dreaded detour strikes.

Here’s what happened. Just east of Paw Paw Tunnel on the C&O, there was a landslide. Even worse, other parts of the ravine are likely to come crashing down as well. For safety the National Park Service has closed the cut on the east end of the tunnel. Read more »

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GAP 2013 Camping and Lodging

Here is the official list for the 2013 GAP ride’s Camping and Lodging!

Of course this is where I am staying. You are free to spend the night anywhere you like on the trip of course. Just let me know if you will be staying where I’m staying (especially at the ones that cost moolah). Read more »

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